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Our Vision

Becoming the first world's market conqueror.

Our Mission

  • Providing the best EA system.
  • Giving auto income.

Pro Bots

  •    Minimum Deposit : 10000 USD
  •    Maximum Risk : 50% From Initial Balance
  •    Maximum Gain : 60% From Total Profit
  •    Average Gain : 15% From Initial Balance Every Month

Standard Bots

  •    Minimum Deposit : 1000 USD
  •    Maximum Risk : 30% From Initial Balance
  •    Maximum Gain : 60% From Total Profit
  •    Average Gain : 10% From Initial Balance Every Month

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About Us

FUNDSBOTS is a group of analysts with more than 15 years of experience in technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trader analysis and risk management analysis so as to create several automated trading systems that are used in derivative markets, especially in the currency exchange market, with our expertise we want to help investors to get more profit in the currency market with measurable risks.
FUNDSBOTS offer cooperation by way of leasing a trading system, if the investor has the advantage of the trading system that is used then the rental fee is charged to the investor. This currency market is like a double-edged knife, therefore the term "high-risk and high-return" means that the more courageous an investor takes a big risk, the greater the opportunity to make a profit.